Accessorizing Your Luxury Car: Three Touches To Complete Your Vehicle's Look

When it comes to buying a luxury car, you may want to take some extra steps to help your vehicle truly stand out. With the right accessories, your luxury vehicle can have the upscale look you want, and it can even make people think you paid for an extra upgrade to get so many bells and whistles. Here are just some of the many accessories you can add to your luxury car.

Logo License Plate Frames

Adding a license plate frame with your car's brand name and logo can give it a stunning finishing touch. For example, you can find Cadillac logo license plate frames online, as well as those for other car manufacturers. Remember that the key to making this accessory work for you is finding the right design. A polished silver or gold design can add a sophisticated look to your car, while a simple, plastic frame might actually take away from your vehicle's overall aesthetic. If you live in a state that doesn't require front license plates, consider getting a full logo plate for the front of your car instead.

Branded Cup Holder Slip Mats

Give passengers in your car the idea that every inch of your car is a bit extra with cup holder slip mats. These mats are perfectly sized to fit in the bottom of console cup holders, and they work as both coasters and nonslip grips. The gripped surface prevents cups from sliding and spilling as you drive, saving your upholstery from stains. These mats also feature absorbent construction to prevent condensation from collecting in the bottom of the cup holders. The trick to this accessory is to locate slip mats with your car brand's logo on them to create that seamless, upscale look you want.

Logo Seat Belt Shoulder Pads

You can reinforce your car's special status with logo seat belt shoulder pads. These pads provide a bit of extra cushion, and they also help prevent seat belt edges from digging into the skin. Of course, with your car company's name and logo on them, shoulder pads also offer a bit of an upscale touch for your car. Be sure to choose a design that blends with your interior to create a built-in look. With the right design, the shoulder pads can look as though they came with the car.

Think beyond floor mats and look for unique ways to make your luxury car look even more upscale and elegant. From steering wheel covers to custom key rings, there are many other ideas you can use to customize your vehicle.

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