Custom Tarp Systems: 3 Novelty Designs Ideal For Food Delivery Trucks

Trucks traveling down the highway have the opportunity to become a moving billboard for your company. Displaying graphics and company logos can help expose your brand and really showcase a variety of products to thousands of other drivers. If you own a food company, then you can take advantage of the whole truck tarp system to create custom designs that really stand out. The following three designs can be printed on all types of custom tarp systems.

Giant Scale Food Products

The shape of a flat bed truck gives you a lot of different options for creating giant scale food product designs. These types of designs can be printed across the whole tarp system to make the whole flat bed look like one piece of food. For example, if your company sells bread or deli meat, each side of the truck can look like a giant portrait of a sandwich. The large size of the truck allows you to add a lot of details and layers like meats, vegetables, and condiments. The back panel of the tarp system can feature the back view of the sandwich along with your company logo and contact information like a website.

Along with sandwiches, there are many other types of foods that can be printed on the tarp system. For example, you may feature whole products that you sell like bananas or yellow squash. If you sell beverages, you can showcase a horizontal design of a bottle spread across the side of the truck. The large size of the canvas is open to all different opportunities. To add more diversity, you can choose one design on a single side of the truck and an additional design for the opposite side. This gives people different views no matter what side they are facing you on.

Truck Edges & Corners

When thinking creatively, you can really use the shape of the truck to create fun novelty designs. The edges and corners of a truck design can be used to create illusions that focus on the angles of the truck. For example, if your food company uses mascots, then they can become part of the printed design. For example, a monkey mascot can be printed to make it look like he is hanging off of the top edge of the truck and ready to jump down into a loaf of banana nut bread. For any natural products, you can use the edges of the truck design to make it look like a small eco-system. For example, trees can grow up from the bottom of the edge of a truck or vines can hang down from the top edge to showcase some of your natural ingredients.

The whole truck tarp can also be printed to create the illusion of a mini-building. For example, if you own a grocery store, the side of the truck can feature the exterior of the store with a fake door, display windows, and the store logo on a sign above it. Printed images of people can be shown to make it look like they are exiting or leaving the store.

Patterned Collages

Instead of a single image, a custom tarp system can be printed to feature different photo collages. This is a great way to show off a number of products in an eye-catching design that stands out when driven on the road. For example, if your company sells desserts, then you can feature a large collage of chocolate chip cookies across the whole tarp. To really make the design stand out, you can choose one image with a different type of cookie. This can draw the attention of a passerby and really showcase your products. Patterned collages can be made with all types of foods that you offer and sell. If you have name-brand products, then you can mix logo patterns with food products to help promote brand name recognition. You could also use royalty-free emoji designs to showcase food products. These emojis can be used to showcase different foods and messages. For example, the printed truck could feature a pizza emoji collage mixed with thumbs up emojis. The small symbols are easily recognizable by cell phone users and can help draw attention to your company.

Contact a tarp systems company, like Glider Systems Inc, to plan out custom tarp designs and sizes that can fit your fleet of vehicles.

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