A Truck Cap Makes Can Turn Your Truck Into A Camper Or A Home

A pickup truck can be pretty versatile. You may think it can only be used to haul stuff around, but with the proper equipment, you can use your truck as a camper or even a living space. It will give you a lot of freedom and let you explore the world on your terms. The first thing you have to do is ensure that your truck has space to turn into the perfect camper or your new home. The way to do that is to get a truck cap.  

Truck Caps

These are covers that go over the bed of your truck. They are bolted onto the bed tops so the cap doesn't fall off. The most common materials that a truck cap is made of are fiberglass and aluminum. Aluminum is the lighter of the two but could be more durable. If you use your truck as a camper or a tiny home, then you will probably want to go with fiberglass because it is more durable and can be a little more customizable. The tradeoff of weight versus durability can be important, especially if you install solar panels on your cap. There are other considerations you need to consider when choosing which truck cap to get for your truck. 


One of the other considerations to keep in mind is how high you want the cap to be. Truck caps generally come in three basic heights. They are cab height, low-rise, and high-rise. Remember that there may be some height restrictions on street-legal vehicles in your area, so you should check that. You should also consider low bridges, drive-throughs, and parking garages.

A cab height cap will be level with the top of your cab, leaving a relatively flat line across your truck. A mid-rise cap will be a bit higher up than your cab, depending on the height of your cab and the height of the cap. It should be tall enough for you to comfortably sit in, even if you are sitting on an air mattress. A high-rise cap will generally give you enough space to stand up in. If you go camping long-term or want to live in your truck, this would probably be the best option for you. 

Truck, van, and bus living have become very popular. You get to have a lot of freedom while you are out on the road, it can be less expensive for you, and you can customize your space. A good truck cap is an excellent start to your truck camping or living experience. 

Visit a local auto accessories service to buy truck caps.

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